Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Last months were a little crazies, with tons of work. I've been performing, lecturing and teaching constantly, but there are two main points in which I worked 200%

Some of the best spanish close up magicians and me, we're on a project named "Teatro Encantado" (Haunted Theatre). A little room specially designed for close-up shows. Take a look at the web page and you'll find some familiar faces.

The other project has been my 4 dvd set named "WoodyLand" that I shoot with Luis de Matos and the people of Studio 33 in Portugal. What a wonderful team!! It has been a hard job but I enjoyed it a lot and, I hope, you'll find fine the result in some months (I'll keep you in touch with the release date!).

Finally, let me share one more picture. You'll see that strange things happens in Studio 33...

Un abrazo amigos!


  1. Felicidades brother! Seguro que es un trabajo exquisito! Ansioso ya! ;)

  2. Look forward on the release of your DVD!

  3. I can hardly wait hor your DVD's to be released!
    I wish you much success!!

    Rudy Tinoco
    Oregon, USA