Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Card Puzzle

This is a video of an old-old-very-old performance of "The Card Puzzle", one of the tricks recently released by the Essential Magic Collection. It's in spanish, but I think everybody can understand the effect.

You can check the new version in almost every magic shop, for instance in:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

WoodyLand Contents

Well, we're working hard to have a great DVD set (when I say "we're" probably I should say "Luis de Matos team are"  :) ). The release date is at the end of August, so, perhaps some modification can be done, but I can share with you the most probable table of contents.

A lot of people is asking me about how much stuff is also in "A book in english". You'll see that, probably, a 40%. I don't want to be repetitive, but I think a DVD is a good way to show you those tricks in which I think the way to perform can be important, and, of course, the moves in action.

I hope you'll like it!!

WOODYLAND - Table of contents
DVD 1: Live show.- About structure.

- A trick for you: Card at your thought number.
- Divination Ring
- Quick Divination
- Blessed Poker
- Mini Follow the leader
- Blindfold triumph
- Optical oil and water
- The Bumblebees
- Routined Spelling
- Wild Card interruptus
- Woodyland suite
- Weighing the cards

- Talk about structure
- Compositing tools
- On "Matching the cards"
- Explanation about the whole structure of the show
- Explanation of some tricks
- Mini Follow the leader
- Optical oil and water
- Wild card interruptus
- Woodyland suite

- Interview 1/4

DVD 2: Interactive and semiautomatic tricks.

- Your Other Half (original version)
- Your Other Half II (version with table)
- Ring Divination
- The man with three hands

- Never tell them... (My ACAAN)
- Australian Poker
- Blessed Poker (performance in DVD1)
- The impossible sum
- Wheighing the cards (performance in DVD1)

- Interview 2/4

DVD 3: Sleight of hand

- Dorset
- The bumblebees (performance in DVD1)
- Torn corner ambitious card
- Aces through the table : The convex control
- Progressive order routine
- Separagon
- Cheekie Oil and Water
- Swindle shuffle
- Woody's false riffle shuffle
- Gabi's deck switch (Gabi's handling and Woody's handling)

- Search for a triumph
- Talk about triumph
- On Dai Vernon's triumph
- Blindfold triumph (performance in DVD1)
- Triumph in cascade

- Interview 3/4

DVD 4: Si Stebbins. Stacked deck magic

- Theory on stacks
- Si Stebbins order: the propierties
- Si Señor
- The Mentalist
- Si Fry
- Forcing any number (extravaganza for faro-friends)
- Other curiosities
- A trip on domore discovery
- Si Stebbins Sonet
- Routined Spelling (performance in DVD1)
- Deletreos en rutina (spanish version)

- A trick for you: Explanation and talk

- Interview 4/4

Friday, August 3, 2012


Well, finally, after two years without free space between projects and works, I'm enjoying 15 days I reserved in my schedule for vacations. We need it! Maricarmen and me, after running "Teatro Encantado", we spend 28h daily on work. No time for almost anything, so, now, we'll relax some days, some little trip, meet good friends we don't see for too much time, some good food, and lots of laughs. These are our main goal for two weeks.

I'll use part of this "free" time to write some post in this blog. I have a lot of good experiences since my stay in New York that I'll love to tell you: Philadelphia, FISM in Blackpool, EMC in Portugal...

Also I have some new products in the market: The Card Puzzle y The Bumblebees. And my "WoodyLand" set of DVDs will be released at the end of this month. And, the next 24 august I start a new show with Teatro Encantado but NOT in the Teatro Encantado! We're working in something very very special!! So, a lot of things to talk about!