Saturday, August 4, 2012

WoodyLand Contents

Well, we're working hard to have a great DVD set (when I say "we're" probably I should say "Luis de Matos team are"  :) ). The release date is at the end of August, so, perhaps some modification can be done, but I can share with you the most probable table of contents.

A lot of people is asking me about how much stuff is also in "A book in english". You'll see that, probably, a 40%. I don't want to be repetitive, but I think a DVD is a good way to show you those tricks in which I think the way to perform can be important, and, of course, the moves in action.

I hope you'll like it!!

WOODYLAND - Table of contents
DVD 1: Live show.- About structure.

- A trick for you: Card at your thought number.
- Divination Ring
- Quick Divination
- Blessed Poker
- Mini Follow the leader
- Blindfold triumph
- Optical oil and water
- The Bumblebees
- Routined Spelling
- Wild Card interruptus
- Woodyland suite
- Weighing the cards

- Talk about structure
- Compositing tools
- On "Matching the cards"
- Explanation about the whole structure of the show
- Explanation of some tricks
- Mini Follow the leader
- Optical oil and water
- Wild card interruptus
- Woodyland suite

- Interview 1/4

DVD 2: Interactive and semiautomatic tricks.

- Your Other Half (original version)
- Your Other Half II (version with table)
- Ring Divination
- The man with three hands

- Never tell them... (My ACAAN)
- Australian Poker
- Blessed Poker (performance in DVD1)
- The impossible sum
- Wheighing the cards (performance in DVD1)

- Interview 2/4

DVD 3: Sleight of hand

- Dorset
- The bumblebees (performance in DVD1)
- Torn corner ambitious card
- Aces through the table : The convex control
- Progressive order routine
- Separagon
- Cheekie Oil and Water
- Swindle shuffle
- Woody's false riffle shuffle
- Gabi's deck switch (Gabi's handling and Woody's handling)

- Search for a triumph
- Talk about triumph
- On Dai Vernon's triumph
- Blindfold triumph (performance in DVD1)
- Triumph in cascade

- Interview 3/4

DVD 4: Si Stebbins. Stacked deck magic

- Theory on stacks
- Si Stebbins order: the propierties
- Si Señor
- The Mentalist
- Si Fry
- Forcing any number (extravaganza for faro-friends)
- Other curiosities
- A trip on domore discovery
- Si Stebbins Sonet
- Routined Spelling (performance in DVD1)
- Deletreos en rutina (spanish version)

- A trick for you: Explanation and talk

- Interview 4/4


  1. I'll get these four fu**ing-beast-DVDs as early as they can be gotten!!!

    Magic Embracement

    S. Alexander

  2. Woody. I can't find the Swindle shuffle in DVD 3. May I know where to find it? Pls email me at Thanks.

  3. Best DVD set you can get. It`s fantastic. Everything Woody has put out in English is a diamond mine!

  4. Great Stuff Woody !!!! just one question, is there any way to do the great spelling routine in other languages ?