Friday, August 3, 2012


Well, finally, after two years without free space between projects and works, I'm enjoying 15 days I reserved in my schedule for vacations. We need it! Maricarmen and me, after running "Teatro Encantado", we spend 28h daily on work. No time for almost anything, so, now, we'll relax some days, some little trip, meet good friends we don't see for too much time, some good food, and lots of laughs. These are our main goal for two weeks.

I'll use part of this "free" time to write some post in this blog. I have a lot of good experiences since my stay in New York that I'll love to tell you: Philadelphia, FISM in Blackpool, EMC in Portugal...

Also I have some new products in the market: The Card Puzzle y The Bumblebees. And my "WoodyLand" set of DVDs will be released at the end of this month. And, the next 24 august I start a new show with Teatro Encantado but NOT in the Teatro Encantado! We're working in something very very special!! So, a lot of things to talk about!



  1. Hi, Woody:

    Glad you are taking some time off to rest and refresh your mind, body and spirit. We return to Spain on October 2 - for good. I hope to see you either in Madrid or Valencia.

    -Martin Kaplan

  2. Buenas merecidas vacaciones Woody.
    Llevo 2 meses estudiando tu libro y en 2 semanas presento un truco tuyo por primera vez en mis cumpleaños 40. Espero sea un exito.

    Gracias por tu magia.

  3. Hello Woody! this is Alicia, from Finland :) I hope your vacation will be very nice. I've decided to write you in English, because this is a blog in English of course ;) So, are The Bumblebees already beeing sold? :)
    I'll be reading your news, specially about your new show!
    Lots of hugs to Mari Carmen and you,