Friday, May 4, 2012

FFFF y New York, New York

The last week I’ve spending a great time in the USA. Wednesday 25 I traveled to Batavia, in Buffalo, to be part for 4th time in the FFFF convention. I can say it was my “Fourth Four Fs”!
I had the opportunity to share some magic with friends with I don’t met for some time: Eric Jones, Shawn Farquhar, Kim Huynjoon, Mike Chao, Marc de Souza, Geoff Williams, Paul Critelli, Bebel and, of course, Hector Mancha!… A lot of great magicians there.
4F has great galas and shows, and we’ve seen some incredible stuff this year. My favorites were the act that Boris Wild presented for first time and the incredible routines of Denis Behr (with a surprising poker deal that catch me out!).
I presented my “routined spelling”, and It was so funny: I usually spell a matching card as “IDENTICAL”, sometimes “MATCHING”, but when I asked to Steve Beam how he spelled this cards he simply said “MATE”… four letters!!  But I made the trick work anyway! Hector filmed the routine, so, if I can upload it, I’ll share with you soon.

But in my opinion, the best magic in 4F happens in the tables of the hall and the hospitality room, at night, after the official schedule. It was great session there!
The Sunday 29 Hector and me traveled together to New York, when I had a lecture in Tannen’s, but, as I had some free days we used to see some shows (the recent release “Leap of Faith” and the wonderful-outstanding “Newsies”… yes, I love musical theatre, and I love Alan Menken as composer!) and, also, to share magic with some friends.
My friends Michael Six and Xavior Spade (and his girlfriend) pick us to dinner in the classical “Grimaldi’s” (the say “best pizza in New York”) and later we meet with other two magicians Mark Calabrese and John B. Born, and we share magic almost all night. And it was great!! I knew how talented Six is, but all of them they’re very good magicians. I enjoyed a lot wathing magic on “high standars”.
But next day was even better. We met Eric deCamps to spend the day and he did almost a private one-man-show for us! And everything was wonderful. Every detail, every move, it was perfectly done. It was a pleasure and an honor!!
Yestarday I did my lecture in Tannen’s and it looks it was a big success! Almost 50 attendants, 3 hours lecturing, and very good reactions. Even I sold, with some copies of my book, some of the limited run of “Woody-Toon” deck! It was great and I enjoyed a lot.

Now, I’m in a train, leaving New York and destination Baltimore, when I will do another lecture tonight. I’ll tell you soon about it!!


  1. Queremos ver ese video!! jejej

  2. Woody,
    I just watched the presentation and it was great good quick thinking. I love your book.