Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I love Dan Harlan's "Card-Toon" trick! And I'm sure you too! Trying to create a personal version, I developed Woody-Toon some years ago.

I did the trick in an impovised video for Richard Kauffman that was published in Genii magazine after my appareance in the 75th bash of Genii in Orlando. Maybe you saw the video, maybe not. But I think this is the first and only one recording with good quality and in the real setup I use: Performing for a real audience with a camera and a projection on a screen.

It was made by Bob Hamilton for the great MacMillan family, at the end (it was my last trick, so you can appreciate how much I like it!) in my one-man-show at the Festival of London in 2012. This festival, plus the International Magic convention after, is one of my favorite magic conventions. More about it in:

I hope you'll enjoy it!!

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