Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Book in English

Two weeks ago, my first book in English, named "A Book in English" (and that's the origin of the name of this blog... how original I am!) was released. It have received very good comments and reviews, and I'm very proud: The book has become #1 in the top sellers book list of Murphy's Magic Supplies, the wholesaler, for the last 14 days.

Also, the book is in #23 position of the top sellers books in the last 6 months. Thinking about "A Book in English" has been for sale just 2 weeks at the moment, I can't be happier!

In next posts I'll tell you some anecdotes about the book, and I'll try to upload some contents and videos of the tricks. At the moment, I share with you the ad designed to publish in Genii and other main magic magazines.

Un saludo!


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  2. Im very happy, my friend. The work have recompense!
    Me algo mucho compañero. El esfuerzo tiene su recompensa no?


  3. Enhorabuena.
    Y no te preocupes por el inglés. Total, si Aznar da conferencias en la universidad...

  4. Ya era hora de que las personas de habla inglesa tuviesen su dosis de buena cartomagia mental ... un abrazo !!!

  5. Hi Woody! This is a great book and hopefully not your last book in English!